Aplus Vision OPC Pvt. Ltd. is Asia's leading Education Fair & Convention Organiser with over 20 years of experience in organizing high value exhibitions. Over the years, the company's core area of focus has been Education and Aplus Edu Fair & Events has created a space for itself as an 'Education Fair Expert'.


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Education Institutions interested in exhibiting at the Aplus Vision may contact us for a live discussion to know more about the ways your institutions can be involved in this event.


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Aplus Edu Fair & Events is a one stop education exhibition focused on student recruitment after the Board examinations are over.


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Aplus Edu Fair & Events are an interface between the business, academia, students, media & society in creating a unique forum of student recruitment, training and manpower development options, which provides an interactive platform for students to plan and build their careers.

How Our Services Will Help You?


Aplus Vision was set up in 2002 with the vision to provide the best services in admissions counselling to the Indian student who dreams of studying India & abroad. Since then, Aplus has firmly established itself as the ultimate destination for educational services in India. At Aplus the Admissions Counselling Services (ACS) is an amalgamation of highly specialized and customized services provided to study India & abroad aspirants with an aim to optimize their chances of obtaining admission into the best possible universities/institutes.

APLUS VISION OPC PVT. LTD. is an effort to bring students, colleges and prospective employer on same platform. Our primary focus is to create a platform which would provide complete solutions for a wide gamut of activities which includes admissions, placements, events & competitions that are pertaining within the education domain.

Aplus Vision works in collaboration with the local & overseas educational authorities towards resources and news about higher education and youth development.

As we expand our web presence, we’ll join hands with more and more institutions to spread resources and news about higher education and youth development. We have tie ups with colleges across India for technical/management/cultural fests.

Higher Education

Indian educational system has been undergoing a paradigm shift in the recent past. India has the world’s second largest post secondary student population of around 30 million. India has over 800 universities and university-level institutions and 48,000 colleges, and yet the Gross enrollment ratio (GER) is low with only 20 per hundred accessing higher education.

India is far behind the developed countries’ average of 45 per hundred. The Government of India has set a GER target of 30 per cent by 2020 and for that to be achieved; the A major challenge is educational excellence.

India has islands of excellence but the overall education standards are poor. The report that 60 to 70 percent of engineering graduates churned out are not employable, speaks about the quality of higher education in India. None of the Indian universities are in the list of top ranked universities in the world. All this needs to change. Faced with a growing demand for post secondary education and limited resources, India is looking towards private / public sectors and foreign universities to bridge the projected gap. The private sector has been given the opportunity to take initiative in developing infrastructure for higher education in the country.

The Indian economy is transforming into an international powerhouse requiring India to have the best possible educational opportunities for its citizens. Indian students are interested in degrees and certificates offered by foreign universities and top Indian institutions at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels because of the excellent career prospects they offer. This demand is reflected by the tens of thousands of students going to the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, China, and other countries every year for higher education. Similarly, the demand is reflected by the tens of thousands of students seeking entry to top Indian institutions.


Zeitgeist 2K19 is a professional event dedicated to the business of education, training and lifelong learning. Zeitgeist 2K19 would be a place where students aspiring for higher education, their parents, teachers, lecturers, educationists, and others, would throng. Zeitgeist 2K19 will be promoted at national and international levels. Students will also be informed through their respective institutions.

The Zeitgeist 2K19 offers an efficient and cost-effective means of interaction between Indian institutions and foreign universities through the specially designed Zeitgeist 2K19 .

The Zeitgeist 2K19 will help Indian institutions achieve excellent results in terms of academic collaborations and student recruitment. Zeitgeist 2K19 include is designed to be a fast-paced program, providing Indian institutions with valuable exposure to a large number of universities from across India.


  • Return of Investment

  • Maximize Outcome

  • Media Exposure

  • Customized Services

  • Brand Promotion

  • Strategic Timing

  • Spot Enrollment & Admission

  • Highly Cost Effective Medium

Highlights & Benefits

Zeitgeist 2K19 is an ideal platform for student and parents to explore the institution search and choose the ‘Dream Institution’ for a bright future.

Event Highlights

  • Over 200 top line Indian & Foreign Universities, Colleges, Educational Institutions with Higher Education, Proffessional Courses & Specialised Courses,all under one roof offering wide range of undergraduate and post graduate programs.

  • Face-to-face interaction between the institutions authorities and students in a friendly Career Counseling and informal atmosphere.

  • The ‘must attend’ event for parents & students considering quality education at premier institutions at an affordable cost under Government Schemes and Policies

  • Education Loans

Institute (Benefits)

Zeitgeist 2K19 Creates exposure for your institute / curriculum to the target market through brand association & also provide unique and timely opportunity for local / overseas educational institutes to establish their presence in India. Thus, institutions will have a marketing edge for attracting a wider pool of good quality students from India and abroad.

Some of the benefits are :

  • Interactive Platform

  • Highly Cost Effective Medium

  • Brand Building Medium

  • Promotion of Startups institutions

  • Largest gathering

  • Distance education & vocational education programs.

  • Attracting students for study in Indian institutions.

  • Press & Electronic Media Coverage

  • Promotion of new courses & programme

  • Marketplace for enrolling better students.

Students Benefits

The event will embrace a significant change in the student’s & parent’s perception by creating awareness in terms of global education scenario. The student – parent community would be immensely benefited by the endless advantages:

  • Spot admission ,admission guidance and counseling

  • Indian Colleges, Foreign Universities all under one roof

  • Interact with admissions coordinator of top institutes

  • Collect brochures, Prospectus & Admission Forms

  • Get information on institution infrastructure, facilities, fees,campus placements

  • Get Authentic & transparent information on various courses & programs at different levels.

  • Opportunity to learn, understands, compare and evaluate the right educational institution

  • Tertiary education / vocational training, spot admissions to local and foreign courses

  • Full and partial scholarships

  • Discounts on course fees
  • Special student privileges, student loans etc

Who Should Attend?

Zeitgeist 2K19 is a must for anyone involved in India academic collaborations as well as those Interested in student recruitment & attracts high-level decision makers who are shaping the education field, senior professionals from education, business and government sectors from across in India come together:

  • Vice Chancellors

  • Presidents and Provosts

  • CEOs

  • Deans, Directors, and Dept Heads

  • Principals of Colleges

  • Enrollment / Recruitment Officers

  • Scientists & Researchers

  • R&D Organizations

  • Corporate Training Executives

  • Human Resources Executives

  • Education Administrators

  • Professors and Trainers

  • International & National Agencies

  • Technology and Service Providers

  • Multimedia and Software Designers

  • Training Consultants

  • Test Preparation Companies

  • Banks & Financial Institutions

  • Insurance Companies

  • Overseas Education Agencies

  • Career Counselors

  • Placement Officers

  • Educational Software Companies

  • Foreign Exchange Companies

  • Travel Agencies

  • Publishing Houses

Rates & Entitlement

Stall Tarif

Preference Minimum Booking Pricing Stall Size Pay
Platinum 20 location Rs 1,00,000/- + GST (Per Venue) 6 Feet x 8 Feet
Gold 10 location Rs 1,10,000/- + GST (Per Venue) 6 Feet x 8 Feet
Silver 5 location Rs 1,25,000/- + GST (Per Venue) 6 Feet x 8 Feet
Bronze 2 location Rs 1,50,000/- + GST (Per Venue) 6 Feet x 8 Feet

Stall Description

Every stall will equip with the following materials:

  • Rear and dividing walls

  • Name panel 300mm wide panel at the top of stall

  • One counter table (approx. 1.0 m x 0.5 m)

  • Two chairs

  • Two Spotlights

  • 5 Amp socket outlet (230V round pin)

Please select the choice of your country, to check universities

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India & Abroad Tie Up- University / Colleges

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